“I love Janie’s classes because she brings so many years of experience, expertise, and wisdom to her students. Janie exudes a passion for yoga and a sincere interest in the well-being and growth of her students. I also love the clarity of her teaching, both in the conscious sequencing of poses and in her articulation of instruction. For challenging poses, Janie provides incremental instructions and poses to help build both understanding and confidence. I feel like I learn, grow, and reconnect to my practice in her classes.”
Chandra Cerrito, Yoga Student, Napa, CA

“I take Janie’s class because her knowledge about the human body and Anusara yoga has helped align my body and improve my posture. I always have a wonderful experience in her class and leave feeling my mind, body and spirit are all aligned.

Janie’s attention to each student’s needs is wonderful. As the owner of a studio, it is very important that our students are guided through their practice safely, which is evident in her teachings.”
Deborah DiPierro, Co-founder/Owner of Island Spirit Yoga, Maui, HI