About Janie

As a dedicated yoga educator influenced by my prior career as a nurse, I am fully committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment to help people grow, feel empowered, and inspired in their lives. I offer the wisdom teachings of yoga with clarity and integrity and strive to create an openhearted, non-judgmental, and supportive community. As an accomplished and thorough teacher with a keen eye, I am skillful at meeting the special needs and limitations of each individual.

When you come to my classes, you can expect clear, informative instruction, to be inspired to cultivate greater stamina, strength, and flexibility, and challenged to reach beyond your perceived limitations. Each class focuses on one category of poses, is organized around a specific nurturing theme, and offers modifications for all levels. By using incremental teaching techniques, the class is progressively sequenced to ensure that each student builds understanding and confidence, progresses in their practice and has a positive, rewarding experience. An emphasis is placed on a steady meditative flow of breath to calm the mind to turn your senses inward to discover new depths within your heart.

Initially drawn to yoga for its physical aspects, I unexpectedly discovered a connection to grace, community, and a myriad of holistic benefits when finding Anusara yoga. Through specific therapeutic techniques of alignment, I finally found the key to unlocking the places I felt painfully stuck in. My practice transformed and made seemingly impossible poses now comfortably accessible. This experience has provided me with the bio-mechanical knowledge and compassion to help others overcome pain and fear and embrace their innermost potential.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher since 1997, I am enthusiastically committed to continuing my education. Combined with my 2005 certification in Anusara yoga and significant teaching experience, I achieved the highest credentialing through Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level. I offer individual therapeutic sessions, public classes, and specialized workshops.

“I take Janie’s classes because I know her classes are safe and she has my back. She has incredible knowledge of the human body and always brings in some anatomy and teaches me something I didn’t know before.”
Janet Kuhn, Founder/Owner, Yoga Passion, Napa, CA

“I take Janie’s classes because of her wealth of knowledge, experience, and because she is a master teacher who is able to step by step teach the foundations of a pose, build upon that pose, which ultimately helps me move into each pose with greater skill, and confidence, which I take with me off the mat”
Megan Hill, Yoga Student, Napa, CA

“I love Janie’s classes because she is wise about the body and knows exactly how to guide each student into their optimal expression of yoga asanas. She does this with intelligence, kindness, individual attention and deep respect for the student. When I complete one of Janie’s classes I feel liked I have stretched both my body and soul in ways that are opening, strengthening, and nourishing.
Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, Napa, CA